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As important as our families, businesses, jobs are, it's also imperative that people take time to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being first. You won't be able to work, be successful in your family or business if you're sick, burnt out, or anxious. 

We need to take good care of ourselves before we can give of ourselves to our families, and productively put out good work as well as innovative new ideas.

I have been a mental health professional, coach and motivational speaker for over 20 years and one thing that has been key in my work is reminding others to make self-care a priority.  

Self-Care Boosts Confidence and Drives Success

If your primary success strategy is “hustling” and working as hard as you humanly can, you’ll eventually fail and pay a big price for it. Selfcare is taking the time to rest relax, and using some of the many tips I share in the self care Guide and Workbook, so that you can feel Relaxed and Refreshed and Replenished.

“The bigger your vision, the more you will need to prioritize self-care”.

Self-care will “sharpen your blade”; you’ll be able to use the time you do have, to work more efficiently and effectively. You’ll be better, period, and so will your work.  

I believe at the end of it all we also have to allow ourselves to impact each other while having fun. You will notice even through reading my books that I am a very playful, joyful person who just loves and appreciates Life, The Lord and Others.  

I am excited to have this platform where I will share tips, encouragement, inspiration, empowerment and motivation through my digital eBooks, audios and videos.  

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